with Paul
The Story
Ceres, goddess of the harvest had a daughter fathered by Jove, and the girl's name was Proserpine. When Pluto god of the underworld, had come up to earth, Cupid's arrow i nstilled love for Proserpine in his heart. The king of Hades kidnapped the girl from the field she played in, and he took her, unwillingly, to the Underworld.

Cyane, a water nymph who pitied Proserpine, tried to block Pluto's entrance to the Underworld, but he used his powers to make a hole in the earth and descend to his realm despite her. Cyane was so sad for Proserpine and so hurt that the glade around her stream had been violated that she cried herself away and dissolved into her own pool.
   ombra mai fu
   metamorphosis 2: Danae
   l'orchestre engloutie
   metamorphosis 3: Cyane
   metamorphosis 1: Arachne
   furioso (instrumental)
   ombra mai fu (chilled mix)